Residential Solutions

Our home assessments are performed where they should be, in the comfort of your home. A team of local police and firefighter professionals will:

perform an on-site hazard and vulnerability analysis

provide customized proactive measures

discuss your top safety concerns

Child safety education is also provided in a friendly, easy to comprehend format when necessary.

Every 30 Seconds...

  • 7.5 property crimes are committed
  • 30 children are reported missing

Guardian provides education to help families keep their property and most importantly their children more safe.
Whether you have concerns regarding fire, safety, criminal activity, your children, home invasion, or a number of other safety concerns, our professionals want to help you feel empowered when it comes to your home and family’s safety. After the assessment, training, and discussion, we will leave you with a:

Home Prevention Readiness & Empowerment Plan also known as our Home P.R.E.P.
The Home PREP book contains valuable information on your property, personalized recommendations and educational materials. Before leaving, we will discuss key actions items based on our visit. These action items should be implemented over the next several months proving you are “Safeguarding what matters most”.

Our support for your family doesn’t stop when we leave your home. You’re now part of the Guardian family! We will check in at appropriate times during the years to come making sure action items were completed and your family’s empowerment plan is current.
Every Hour...

  • 42 home fires are reported
  • 200 burglaries are committed

Guardian uncovers safety vulnerabilities helping homeowners reduce their risks associated with fire and criminal activity.

To learn more about how we can help your family or to schedule a home assessment contact us today

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