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What does your business specialize in? How important are your employees? How valuable are your customers? How much is your expertise worth? These are all questions each business owner contemplates when they choose to step out into the world of the economic unknown and put their financial dreams to the test.

As a business owner, you've thought about everything, right? Well, what about the questions that relate to the safety of your employees or customers, such as a natural disaster or fire? What about other emergencies like criminal activity or work place violence? What about, God forbid, an active shooter or terrorist event? In this day and age, it is irresponsible for a business owner to ignore reality and pretend tragedies like these "can't happen here". Every time you turn on the T.V., it seems there is a crisis that can't be ignored. How long before something terrible happens on your doorstep? Are you prepared when it does?
Every minute... a business is burglarized

Every hour... 36 employees fall, slip, or trip

Every day... 5 employees are injured in fires and explosions

Guardian uncovers vulnerabilities helping businesses and employees reduce their risks associated with safety, fire and criminal activity.
  • Every hour 4 employees are intentionally injured by another person
  • Every 2.5 days an employee dies from a fire or an explosion
  • Every 2 days an employee dies from violence and other injuries

Guardian provides education for businesses and their employees to know how to respond during an emergency situation
Our business products are simple yet necessary in preparing for such events. With focused planning and proper preparation, your business will take the necessary steps to move beyond the land of the unknown and into the realm of the prepared. Whether it's our Business Protector or Business Defender, you will receive a comprehensive assessment specific to your business' needs and vulnerabilities. Each of these products include:

a custom on-site vulnerability analysis

employee education seminar

customized reports with recommendations and relevant safety articles

scenario-based training reinforcing lessons learned

Implementing these Guardian products into your business practices for current and new employees is essential to ensuring safety plans are followed during an emergency.
Guardian realizes how vulnerable a business owner may feel bearing the weight of this enormous safety responsibility. Knowing the best way to react during these types of emergencies may not be your specialty as a business owner; but rest assured, it is ours! We are here to help. Our experts care deeply about the communities we work in and have a heart to serve our neighbors. We thrive in dangerous environments and train for these types of chaotic circumstances every day. Because of our professional training, relentless dedication and commitment to excellence, your business can restore empowerment to crisis, truly "Safeguarding what matters most!”

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  • Every 3 weeks the U.S. has an active shooter incident
  • Active shooter incidents increased 156% from 2007 to 2013
  • 60% of incidents ended before police arrived

Guardian offers comprehensive training, to include scenario-based training, helping businesses and employees prepare for and respond appropriately to high stress situations