About Guardian, LLC

Like most businesses, Guardian, LLC was created as a solution to a problem; or to state it a different way, Guardian was developed as a response to a need! In brief, brothers Jason, a firefighter, and Justin, a police officer, became concerned after their family member moved into a new home. Immediately, it was identified that in a time of crisis, their loved one was lacking a safe exit from a 2nd floor bedroom. This nagging concern was not put to rest until specific action was taken.
Although this particular issue was solved, a glaring question arose: Within each home or business, what other (known or unknown) emergency vulnerabilities and liabilities are missing an adequate response plan to mitigate potential damage and evade possible danger? From this question, a unique revelation was presented and Guardian was born!
Working as a team has always been Jason and Justin’s strong-suit; and, it became a cornerstone in the founding principles of Guardian. As a philosophy and methodology, Guardian does not take a one-dimensional approach to addressing its mission of community service. As opposed to attacking only one piece of an emergency issue/concern, Guardian takes emergency safety as a "whole pie", encouraging families, businesses, and individuals to think (and re-think) about the wider-spectrum of emergency needs. Together with Guardian’s help, they are able to develop real, practical, simple, and targeted solutions to meet each specific business or family’s dynamic within its community.
Consultants for Guardian have hearts to serve and, equally important, want to add value to their communities. Thanks to their roles as First Responders, they have been given specific skill sets that are utilized daily to assist citizens of all walks of life. Previously, the opportunity to do so was predominately limited to a reactive manner; when it was almost too late. With the formation of Guardian, these First Responders can now take a combined proactive approach to helping their neighbors, communities, cities, counties, states and country by meeting those needs at the front door, before irreversible damage happens. By partnering the Police with Fire and EMS, Guardian covers all types of emergency situations, and truly and effectively is "Safeguarding What Matters Most℠”!

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